Garage Door Installation

We all know that owning a house comes with endless responsibilities. If you want to protect your home and family, it is important to occasionally replace old garage door. Garage door installation can be tedious, but Garage Door Phoenix makes the process as easy as possible by providing their expert services for installation. They also offer information on how to maintain your new garage door so that it lasts longer and provides safety for your household! If you are in search of a company who will install a new garage door opener or repair an existing one, look no further than Garage Door Phoenix today! There are many things consider like garage door cost, labor costs, and what type of material to use.

What is a garage door and how it works

A garage door is a large, usually horizontal or vertical barrier that can be raised to provide both privacy and protection for your home. It typically has tracks at the top and bottom, with one or more rollers in between. The upper track is called the header while the lower track is called the tailer. When you press down on an opener remote control button, two things happen: firstly, a motor engages which causes gears to turn so that cables are pulled taut; secondly, springs cause tensioners to compress so that they grip the cable tight enough to lift it off its pulley wheels. To go back down again, gravity pulls the weight of the door onto its counterbalance springs until they’re compressed enough for them release their grip on the cables.

How to choose the right type of door for your home


Garage doors come in a variety of materials and styles. For the most part, they’re made out of either aluminum or steel and can be single-panel (one piece), sectional (two pieces) or roll up type (multiple panels that roll up onto tracks). If you live somewhere where there is an abundance of rain, choose a single-panel door made out of aluminum. 


The garage door replacement cost varies according to the materials, size and design. If you want something that is durable but also affordable then consider a steel sectional garage door. There are so many different prices for garage door and it’s important to know how much money you have available before purchasing anything because there may be other options out there more affordable than your initial choice. Garage door costs is important to put in mind because it is one aspect that will determine what garage door opener will suit for you.


Your garage door will have different designs depending on where they are installed in your home i.e., two-car or multi-car garages may need more than one door. Most garage doors come in a variety of designs, such as wood-look or glass finishes to give your home that extra sparkle! You’ll also need to consider what color you want so that it matches with your home exterior. The design is up to you!


The first thing you need to consider when choosing a garage door is where it will be installed. Garage doors are built for specific climates, so if you live in an area that experiences extreme heat or cold then you’ll want to make sure your new door can withstand the conditions. Other factors like exposure to sunlight and how much direct exposure the door has should also be taken into consideration.

Types of doors - steel, aluminum, wood

Steel doors

Steel garage door are the new wave of garage door design. They are not only more durable than traditional wood or aluminum, but they also offer an array of benefits that your old steel door never could! Along with their many advantages, there is one major drawback to steel garage doors: while they last for decades and are able to withstand any extreme weather condition thrown at them, they can be quite expensive. 

Aluminum doors

Aluminum garage door are an excellent alternative to steel or wood. They offer a great deal of durability and style at the same time, but they also come with their own set of benefits that make them worth looking into if you’re in need for new doors for your garage. They are lightweight, which means they can be moved easily without any heavy lifting on your behalf.

Wood garage doors

This kind of garage door opener are an attractive option for homeowners looking to replace their existing door. They give the appearance of a traditional wooden door, but with steel reinforcement and insulation. The metal is coated in woodgrain vinyl so it looks like real wood without the upkeep of painting or staining. These doors can be installed quickly by professionals and come pre-primed with primer sealant that will protect them from dings and scratches during installation.