Garage Door Repair

Have you ever had your garage door get stuck in an open position? This can be a frustrating experience. When this happens, homeowners often panic and try to force the door closed with brute strength. However, doing so is a bad idea because it could cause damage or injury. The best way to avoid this problem is by replacing old springs before they break on you, which will keep your garage door from opening up on its own when it’s not supposed to be open! In addition, a garage door needs regular maintenance, which includes checking for damage and repairing or replacing parts as necessary. If you need help with garage door repair services this year, look no further than Garage Door Phoenix!

Types Of Garage Door Repairs

Broken Cable Repair

The garage door cables are an essential part of your system. They use tension from springs, which pulls up to full weight while in operation and eventually weakens with time; you’ll know when this happens because one side will break first or animals like cats have chewed on the other end! If your garage door is getting stuck halfway, or it’s not hanging straight on the tracks, and you don’t know why this could be happening, then maybe it’s time for a new cable. As with any repair job like springs, these can snap easily, causing injury, so caution should always prevail before starting anything involving electricity!

Broken Spring Repair

When your garage door springs break, it can be a devastating experience. After 10,000 cycles or so for extension spring and 15,000 cycles on torsion ones–the metal parts of their tension will become too weak to hold up under use by day-to-day living in our homes with cars inside them! So a common type of repairing service we provide at Garage Door Phoenix includes broken spring replacement to get you back up off the ground as fast as possible without any further damage to the garage door tracks or the doors themselves! You will never worry again about your broken springs because our company will make sure your family’s safety.

Broken Rollers Repair

Roller replacement is a straightforward enough job because it doesn’t involve any complicated parts. However, a lot of homeowners attempt this type of repair at their own risk, and that’s why we send our technicians out right away; as soon as you call us for a free estimate on whatever type of repair needs to be done, we can do it all! We’re different from your typical garage door company because we don’t charge you an arm and a leg just to come out there and look at what’s wrong with the doors.

How to maintain your garage door, so it doesn't break down again?

While it’s easy to take your garage door for granted, if you’re not taking the time to maintain it, you may end up with a broken garage door that can’t be repaired. If this has happened, call us at (insert phone number), and we’ll come out right away. You don’t want to do without your garage during the winter season because of a malfunctioning garage door!!

The first thing you should do to maintain your door is looking for any damage or wear and tear. You can’t just ignore it because the longer you wait, the worse things could get. Also, the cost of a repair job will be more expensive if there’s been serious damage to a section that has to be fully replaced!

If everything looks okay, you can look at the garage door itself. First, check for any locks or chain closures to make sure they’re unlocked and there’s nothing in between them preventing them from operating correctly. For older doors with chains, check on whether they have been replaced recently because using a weak metal chain could cause more damage than it prevents!